AmaJuda Civil is a firm that is 100% owned by historically disadvantaged individual. AmaJuda Civil strongly support skill transfer at all levels and training of youth and previous disadvantaged individuals.

The Future

It is intended that policies aimed at redressing inequalities in the business environment, should result in the personal uplifting of the individual. There individuals are expected to play a prominent role in the society in future.

The company is fully committed to environmental, health and safety responsibilities, Within which employees may execute their activities. This will be based on continuous Improvement principles by:

  • Maintaining a Safety and Health Management System throughout the business by proactively managing risks and applying all reasonable and practical measures to prevent injuries and conditions that may jeopardise the safety and health of employees and which may negatively affect the environment and/or damage equipment.
  • Ensuring that staff are trained and are competent in identifying the occupational hazards, applying the relevant precautions and emergency procedures to minimize risks.
  • Ensuring that all personnel are aware of and are fully committed to this policy by ensuring that the safety and health policy and standards are fully implemented,understood,periodically reviewed and communicated at all levels.
  • Contributing to the further development of relevant Occupational safety and Health issues and involve employees and contractors in improving Occupational Safety and Health performance.
  • Provide a safe and healthful workplace that supports positive behaviours optimizes Health and productivity, and minimizes risk and liability. Meet or exceed compliance with outside regulations as well as with internal company safety and health policies.
  • Continuously improve our overall safety and health performance.



The company recognize training as a critically important component of personal development and in addition to normal staff training and expanding the level of expertise in the firm, has a policy of offering in service training to those without skills e.g. plumbers,builders,carpentry and many others to have an opportunity to compete on the market.

Education Support

Education is considered by the firm to be the most important area for developing youth potential. The policy in this regard is to make possible for candidates with academic potential within the company to be afforded the opportunity to further their studies with the help of the company.Amajuda Civil | Welcome to Amajuda Civil.

Joint Ventures

Wherever possible joint ventures partnership with companies where AmaJuda Civils would benefit in terms of experience.

Social Investments

The company considers it highly desirable to make a meaningful contribution to the communities with which it has formed a sound relationship in the course of servicing the Municipality


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Our vision is to make meaningful contribution to the development of infrastructure, Economic development of our country through the provision of decent houses and Infrastructure, to support housing and development throughout the country.



To be a leader in meeting the real needs of our clients by providing relevant development in a cost effective manner.



We believe in long-term relationship with clients: Professionalism, Excellence, Honesty and Integrity,Quality Services, Community Empowerment, Innovation, Ethical Business Practice and needs driven Intervention.